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Plane to dip after co-pilot’s smoke!

One should think that pilots of an airplane are aware of certain
permissins on flight duty. However the co-pilot of a chinese
airline thought that an e-cigarette couldn’t do anything bad.
Wrong! After he started smoking, the plane went into alert mode.

And with this mode, the plane started to dip from it’s original flight altitude of 35.000ft to 10.000ft only in order to provide sufficient oxygene intake from outside.

The Boeing 737 was on route from Dalian (China) to Hong Kong when this inciednt started.

As soon as the co-pilot started smoking, the plane system thought, there was smoke trying to get into the cabin, disabled the air conditioning and the oxygene masks were hatched as there was insufficient oxygene in the cabin.

Since the supply of compressed oxygene on an airplane isn’t limitless, the plane system then brought the plane en route to lower altitude in order to have more oxygene available from outside and to have a basis for emergency landing.

Despite of the incident, the plane then still went on to Hong Kong but there will be some trouble for the co-pilot waiting as the smoking ban was disregarded.

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