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In case you’re wondering…

…what’s going on here. Yes, it has become quiet in the
last months here. Lots of work to do and still no time at
home to perform all the tasks I want to apply on this blog.
And then all these updates… doesn’t make things easier!

At the moment I am preparing a test suite for battery packs. As there are a lot of these to be tested thoroughly, it may take some time but I am already halfway through.

Video conversion hasn’t started yet, so there are still some videos offline or not compatible with mobile devices. Sorry for that!

The Rendez-vous Bern microsite also needs an update as the lightshow 2016 is already ready-cut and uploaded but not yet linked.

And yes, this blog still lives and there’s no intention to shut it down. The only thing that changes is, that I cannot post every day as I simply don’t have the time to do that and also don’t have a writer who would do that for me. But even then… where would be the personal touch of the site if I give that work to someone else but me?

Anyway… I hope to post more soon again!

C U there!

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