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UK and their phobia against privacy

WhatsApp SpyAs you might have already noticed, UK premier Cameron today stated that
encrypted chat tools on either device shall no longer be allowed or they get
banned (in the UK). Okay, the terror act in Paris wasn’t very good either
but using this as a reason to disallow normal people have privacy?

In my opinion, this is going a step too far! Everybody has the right to have privacy. And if Cameron is going to use force to break this rule, I hope the UK people won’t swallow this one bullfrog for once.

To be honest: Mr. Cameron, do you really think, terrorists use common communication tools to exchange with each other? Dream on. And what about your privacy then? I guess you owe the people your dirty little tricks to reveal to them also! Bad idea, you say? Yes I thought so…

See, the reason why other countries work much better even with privacy untouched, is, that their governments do not reserve the right to make the common man translucent as glass.

Ever thought of the idea, that terrorists may even communicate in a way, you wouldn’t notice even if you read every word of them? Thought of code words instead of clear communication?

So what’s the real intent of your silly idea to disallow privacy chat tools if they don’t have a backdoor for the british secret service? Is it that you could probably miss anything that could give a hint that your repressive way of leading a country is going too far and tipping the chair you’re sitting on? Or is it the simple answer that you want to get control over your people and build up the british empire just the way, China did? Come on, you can’t be serious. Better train your GCHQ staff to seek a little harder without robbing all people of their privacy or breaking fundamental laws that once were foundation for peace law and order.

Especially Boris Jenson (participant of your party) spoke: “I don’t care for all this fundamental rights stuff, if it comes to e-Mails and pone calls of this people. If they’re considered a danger for our society, I want that them tapped!”

You’d better think back of what fundamental rights are! And there are several ways to quickly make real suspects subect to being tapped if necessary. To disable privacy from scratch just to filter out the 0.00001% of criminals without further investigation is a crime itself against all innocent people.

But I have an idea: Should you ever drop privacy and the corresponding tools, you can put up a computer streaming ALL of YOUR phone calls directly to the web accessible for everyone! Hey, sounds only fair as you’re also willing to drop everyone’s privacy! Sounds not good? Oh, how comes? didn’t expect that in any way now. So you’re hiding your a** while all your people shall be always tapped for no reason? It’s tings like this, that makes me real sick.

See, that’s why the US government and your government all over the world is not very well reputated. You only demand but what do you return? NOTHING! All you know is take take take but when it comes for Joe Average to save his privacy, you kick his fundamental rights with feet wherever possible.

Demanding such things is like disallowing people to lock their homes.

Frankly said: You wouldn’t leave your office unlocked either, eh?

The only way to gain respect all over the world is to destroy such foolish ideas as soon as they’re spoken by anybody. Privacy is a thing that shall stay untouched. There are other ways to find criminals. And they’re mostly covered in ways, where Joe Average wouldn’t ever think of. So your GCHQ staff should be trained better to find criminals without having the wohle country (or world) to have their pants dropped first!


Could fill a whole oil tanker with barf!

P.S.: I hope that app makers that allow encryption in their apps stay firm and just stop selling their app in UK. Heym what’s the loss of 75 million customers that are represented by an ill-minded maniac and his party who are willing to have their people drop pants for the millionth fraction of possible terrorists. Also this appellation goes to all hardware manufacturers that deliver their devices with hardware encryption.

I don’t tolerate terrorism or the berzerk islamic unities either and it’s really sad what happened to Charlie Hebdo but using this occurrence as a reason to incriminate privacy in total is just a step too far! And besides that: The Anti-terrorism act in the USA did yield how much results at what cost? 300 million people (alone in the USA) and possibly the entire mankind stripped of their privacy for not being able to fend of terroristic acts like the one in Detroit at the marathon? So where’s the excuse for this? Got none? Thought so! But hey, at least you’re now king over millions of innocent peoples’ secrets and use them for their disadvantage wheter it’s right or not. and THAT’S why USA and UK are mainly in the focus of terrorists. and with these two countries all other countries that brownnose Obama and Cameron to support their real stupid laws/ideas/chartas!

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