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Windows Phone 8.1 gets File Manager

WP81LogoAccording to several mobile news sites, Windows Phone is getting
a File Manager which is desired by many WP8.1 users. There are
indeed Alternatives in MS Appstore but why not have it on board
already? It seems as if the File Manager will be available soon.

So why did it take so long for Microsoft to fulfil a long-time-requested feature for the WP community? Joe Belfiore, corporate Vice President and Manage for Windows Phone held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit. Upon the question, if there are plans for a file manager on WP8.1 Joe seemed to be very relieved that someone finally asked that particular question. And with this, he added, that the app will be available in the Microsoft Store at the end of this month. As the attached screenshos show, there’s everything on board, a fully functional file manager will need: A Folder browse option that lets you tick folders for movement, say from the phone to the SD card, a browse function that allows you to go down from root to the very folder in the hierarchy, showing you how many objects are included in the folder and a filter function letting you show only files that contain a certain string.

wpfm1 wpfm5 wpfm6
Mark folders for movement… …filter searches… …and finally move files!

Three more screenshots revealed, that you can create new folders to your demand, have you shown the total files in a directory and the total size of each storage device. So this file manager gives you a lot more control over your windows Phone then expected…

Well, it was about time, anyway!

wpfm3 wpfm4 wpfm2
Create custom folders… …see the files count… …and the total space used.

There’s still no fixed date until the File Manager gets available on Microsoft store but as Joe said, it’ll be ’till the end of May which ain’t so long anymore!

With this file manager to be released, there will be no need anymore for 3rd party apps fulfilling the same thing and probably cost you. At least, these 3rd party apps will now have to add some other gadgets, the conventional file manager doesn’t have to rectify their existence on the app store.

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