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Windows 8.2 back to the roots

Win8LogoFunny enough to see that it takes 2 minor releases ’til Microsoft recognizes
that you’d better not change a running system. While Windows 8 is a real
goalgetter on tablets and touchscreen notebooks, it cannot get ground on
stationary PCs and classic notebooks. Win7 makes it’s rounds there.

But why prefer an “old” OS to a modern UI like Windows 8?

First of all, it’s the simplicity of Windows 7. You see, the start menu, as oldschool it may look like, it still fulfills it’s task perfectly. The second part, which many users didn’t like, was the pseudo-flat modern look of the Windows 8 UI pretending to be cool. – Windows 8.1 is bringing back the ENTIRE start menu as you used to know from Windows 7

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the Aero desktop ways more.

For all those who bicker around that the Aero surface costs so much ressources, let me assure you, that it is utter BS. The dwm process (heavily stressed and used) takes a mere 8 % CPU time of one core of a modern Ivy bridge processer and Haswell processors will be even more bored.

The graphics card isn’t even yawning due to so sparse GPU usage. So telling me, Aero is eating up too much GPU power is also completely utter BS.

I wonder what else they’re about to put into the new “release”

Although I am a bit consternated that it takes almost one year to see that Windows 8 is far from what Desktop users want (yes, even I have transmuted my Windows 8 gaming notebook into a classic, yet more convenient Windows 7 Ultimate machine)

And what about Windows 7? – Well… Let’s see it as the Windows XP of the new era! – Slim, fast, convenient, easy-to-use, yet beautiful.

Oh… and speaking of XP: After almost eleven years of loyal service to many customers all around the world it is time to say: “Farewell, good ol’ buddy!”

So Microsoft is stopping support on April 8th, 2014
[ujicountdown id=”Standard Gray” expire=”2014/04/08 00:00″ hide = “true”]

Now the time is right to give Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate a try or if you like tiles, and/or already own a Windows-8-based system and give Windows 8.1 a peek.



Goodbye Windows XP!

Hello Windows 7

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