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Downed railway gates have a reason!

videoSome people think, a railway gate that is down, still invites for trespassing.
Tough luck when the nearing train is so near that you get hit by it. But the
real tough luck is, when a second train is arriving. In this hit’n’run, a
woman tried to outrun the police for unknown reason.

Her Guardian Angel must have had a real good day because except of some minor broken bones and injuries, the woman survived the “stunt”. However she will probably have to face law as soon as she’s well again because 100mph is a massive speeding and fined heavily in the USA. Her driver’s license will most likely be expired!

Watch the full spectacle here:

P.S.: NOW I know why so few railways are electrified. Watch the second cargo train carefully and note the 2storey cargo boxes loaded vertically. A typical electrified railway has a light profile of merely 5 metres. 2 cargo boxes however (including the carrier wagon) will at least top 6 metres with ease!

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