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How loud can people yell in a crowd?

videoA question, many people would answer with: “Loud enough” or “loud as a
pneumatic drill”. While the first expression cannot be clearly defined, the
second one is defined with 90 to 100 db (quite loud). But these days,
the fans of the Kansas Chiefs have set a new world record in crowdyelling.

No less than 137.5 db is their record which is louder than a jet starting, did the whole stadium yell when the people were invited to do so. The big scoreboard shows the value again which breaks the old record by 1.8 db (135.7 db). The video shows the record yell but as mobile phones and their microphones aren’t able to cope with such loud noises, one can’t imagine how loud 137.5db really are. But maybe this may help: The crowd could be clearly audible even 1 kilometre away with no trees dampening the noise on its way.

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