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Never do a Hit’n’Run in Brasil

videoOtherwise you might find yourself also confronted with a gun. This hap-
pened in Brasil where a younster with a (fake?) gun forced a biker to
dismount his vehicle. The driver’s helmet camera took the whole thing.
Some racing, the hit’n’Run and the car driver who “helped” the driver.

The youngster and his partner in crime stopped the driver and with the force of a gun they forced the driver to leave his motorcycle. While the youngster was busy picking up the motorcycle and trying to leave, his partner in crime must have seen the car driver who exited his car in order to come the driver to aid.

The youngster has been shot on the open road while his partner in crime fled like a coward.

Although it is really rough to see that a young man dies, nobody ever told him to become a criminal!

Once again the tale “Crime doesn’t pay” becomes so true!

Watch the full occurrence here:

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