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Use your finger to unlock…

295px-Htc_new_logo.svg…the phone. A phrase, Apple iPhone users see since the iPhone 5s. But
not only Apple has this feature now! HTC is the first manufacturer to
have a phablet (5.9″) in it’s portfolio to allow users to secure their device
by fingerprints. The HTC One Max is the first Android phone with this!

Although the idea is great to see that Android phones can also use fingerprints for the security features, the implementation of the fingerprint sensor is… ummm… let’s say delicately selected. Unlike the iPhone 5s, where the fingerprint sensor resides in (or under) the homebutton, the HTC One Max has the sensor residing at the back of the phone thus less elegant sovled than Apple. However the aluminum body is of the same quality as the HTC One and One Mini. Is this sufficient to convince customers to fork out another 700 US$ to have this feature? First tests will show the acceptance.

The phone itself is equipped with Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 as GUI.HTCOneMax

With a weight of 217g and a measurement of 164.5×82.5×10.29mm, the smartphone appears bulky yet having worthy haptics. The screen itself is state-of-the-art featuring a full-HD IPS panel offering wide view angles and a good color spectrum. The display is covered by Gorilla Glass 3thus offering good scratch resistency although the glass has a high mirroring factor making it difficult for the display to be seen in bright reflecting environment. The rest of the device is equal to it’s slightly smaller brother, the HTC One. The memory is 16 or 32 GB in size which can be extended by an SDXC microSD card (currently 64GB is maximum). Seems to be an alluring device all in all. Hopefully the tests proove the same.

So how do the three “stooges” look like in comparison? This picture tells ya:

HTCOneFrom left to right: HTC One Mini (4.3″), HTC One (4.8″), HTC One Max (5.9″)

So what can we say? The HTC One Max cries it out loud: Yes, we can, too, Apple!

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