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Apple’s new Toys…

iOS7The new gadgets are just around the corner.
And, like every half year before the events, there’s
one big question: Will all the expected gadgets be
shown finally and when can we get them.

What’s almost as sure as the amen in the church: The iPhone 5S and 5C will definitely hit stores at the end of September, beginning of October.
The 5S will get a new processor, the Apple A7, giving the 5S almost 30% more speed than the “classic” iPhone 5. The 5C will be the slim-budget version of the iPhone 5, same tech specs, a plastic case and a lightly lower price.

What’s not so sure, is, if the 5S will now have the legendary “touch to unlock”-Homebutton and if the new 5S will be available in three colors, namely, white/silver, black/graphite and gold/gold

The display resolution will be the same, namely 1136×640 pixels. The display technology however will change to the new IGZO display technology from Sharp, allowing even thinner display units (probably to make room for a bigger battery?) and better and more vivid color displaying. Probably the top-notch-model will receive a memory bump up to 128GB which would be great. (And to be honest: The iPad4 already has 128GB inside, so why shouldn’t the iPhone 5S)

And with the new iPhones, iOS7 will finally become available. Although I don’t like the “flat”, said-to-be-modern style of the icons, the under-the-hood changes might be worth a look. So which of my iDevices to migrate to iOS7 then… maybe my iPad? My Everyday phone? Or my 4S currently being my backup phone…? One thing is for sure. I am not going to update the day it’s being released. Better wait a week or two for issues to become visible by others who voluntarily update and probably pointing out weak points…

So besides the iPhone, what may we also expect to become available?

One thing might be the all-new MacPro, based on a 12core Intel XEON and a unique cooling technique, being the new Uber-machine for all those who plan High-Defninition-computing on a Mac-Computer.

The macBooks will most likely receive an upgrade to the actual Haswell processors and chipsets while the rest of the device still stays the same (which is actually good for the MacBook Pro series… I like the sleek design although one might find the missing optical drive disturbing…
The screen is already at the maximum possible today (2880×1600) but for the still 1366×768 displays I’d like to see an FHD update, as most other ultrabook already use them, with the Samsung AVIV 9 ultrabook series being the new pixel hero: (3200×1800!) on a 15 inch screen… ZESTY!!!

Okay, back to what could be new on the event.
There are rumors that even a 5th gen iPad might hit stores soon, also engaging the A7 processor for more power. If the display will also become an IGZO technique display from Sharp… is doubtful, as is the iPad 5 itself…

Apple Event September, 10th 2013

…hopefully, Tim Cook is right!

As you can see, Apple has banned Samsung displays already. But the memory will probably still be from Samsung as they’re market leader in RAM and NVRAM chips.

So while we’re waiting for the event, probably beinning at 10a.m. in Los Angeles (being 7p.m. here in Europe) we can still speculate of what Tim Cook is going to make us buy for this year’s christmas time ;)

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