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App-Review: Zeichentabelle (Charmap)

Zeichentabelle AppYou all know these fancy signs and chars (not Emoticons),
which most browsers can display by default. All these chars
are unicodes mostly 16bit (meaning they consist of four
hexadecimal chars (0000 to FFFF). But how to use them?

The App Zeichentabelle is exactly the App for you when it comes to handling all these special chars to use on your website.

Besides that, the App also is capable of showing the integrated Emojis of the smartphones, however they’re not shown on computers as they’re reserved to smartphones only. Maybe later browsers may interprete them as well.

But back to the App itself. The interface is clearly separated. A search tag allows you to specify the chars you want to see (i.e. “star” gives you all chars, which look like a star). in the lower left corner you can select to copy one char or “endless” chars. While in the Single char copy mode, you see the detailed information to the copied char (such as the decimal and hexadecimal char code).

While in the Multichar copy mode, you will see a new button right to the 1/endless buttons containing the selected chars. Simply press this button to copy the previously selected chars to the clipboard and use them in the targetted App (in my case it’s the WordPress App).

Now one question you might have in advance: Is this App available for free?

Yes, you can either obtain the ad-sponsored free App or you may want to spend 1.99 US$ for the ad-free version. The choice is yours. I decided to go for the ad-free version as this App is very useful for me.

Okay, now we go for the final verdict and rating:

★★★★★ – Handling and Usage
★★★★★ – Price
★★★★★ – Functionality and Compatibility
★★★★★ – UI design
★★★★★ – Total rating

This App gets a spanking 5 stars. Why? Because the App exactly does and delivers what it promises. No workarounds, no unnecessary extras. Simply search for the desired char/dingbat and copy it into your destinated App! And best of all: It works on all iDevices!

The fact that the App is available as free (ad-sponsored) version and an ad-free version makes this App really sympathic.

Zeichentabelle Free (0.00 US$) – This is the free, ad-sponsored version of the App

Zeichentabelle (1.99 US$) – This is the ad-free version

I hope, this App will be handy for you as well as it is for me.

Update April 12th, 2019:

Removed links to App as they led to an error 404. App may be found using AppStore search.

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