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SDXC CardOn the IFA, Toshiba has announced new memory cards
which shall break the 100MB/s limitation, today’s UHS-I
cards are actually facing. Although, there’s only a low
number of devices available which could demand…

demand higher speeds on the memory interface, the indutry seems to be way ahead of the device manufacturers. Solely Panasonic has a similar card in it’s portfolio claiming to be capable of writing data with 120 MB/s and reading data with 160 MB/s, the MicroP2 SD-Cards are a tad faster than actual SDXC-UHS1 SD-cards. Yet they’re not compatible to classic SD-Cards. And they’re lots more expensive, too!

So what’s the rumor about the UHS-II cards, Toshiba has shown on the IFA? The look like classic SD-Cards yet they differ by the contacts they hold on their back side:


Six additional contacts below the original contacts will be responsible for the higher speeds. So while the SD card appears to be compatible to the older standards, newer devices with the six additional pins in their card reading department will benefit from higher speeds.

If the card, however is compatible to older standards or if older devices may still use the card, is not yet known. The jump from SDHC to SDXC has shown that the SDXC cards aren’t usable in SDHC compatible devices.

So let’s see what will hit stores later on when Toshiba and other members of the SD Design Association will finally release their new products to the customer and when devices become available capable using UHS-II cards.

I personally think, we won’t see any devices before 2015 and the cards may not become available before H2 2014.

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