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Rendezvous Bern 2013 on the Go!

logo_whiteNow the statistics are official: Rendezvous bern 2012 has attracted no
less than 500’000 spectators have seen the lightshow that illuminated
the federal parliament building in Bern in 2012 and 2011. In 2011
330’000 people have watched the lightshow. A good result!

Therefore the local council speaks 180’000 CHF for the planned, upcoming lightshow Rendez-Vous Bern 2013, that illuminates the silhouette of the Federal Parliament Building (Bundeshaus Bern) from October 18th to December 1st, 2013. Not yet known is, if Starlight Events, the creator of the lightshow, is again doing a second part of the lightshow again, like in 2012. I guess, we’ll have to be surprised once moere here.

Bern logo 2011 whiteBut it’s good to see that Bern supports great cultural shows as private funding is mostly not sufficient, especially when it comes to an event this size affecting not only the Bundeshaus but also the local infrastructure (rerouting of public transportation and the like).

As the previous lightshows have already been a great success, I am greatly looking forwart to seeing this one, too!

For those who are wondering about what I am speaking of, they may want to check out my videos of Rendezvous Bundesplatz on the corresponding microsite: Click here!

Have fun!

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