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And the new XBox will be presented…

Xbox-logoThe new XBox is a long-awaited successor for the already aged XBox 360.
While Sony has already presented details for the PS4 and Nintendo
brought the WiiU to the gamers last christmas, Microsoft is a bit on the
slow line and has to show something now.

Will the new console be the Uber-candidate for home entertainment or will it flop against the PS4 Since the Ouya is going to be released also and Valve is planning to release an own game console as well, the air is getting thin for all the global players. And for once, the fight for the best game console gets interesting agtain.

For customers this may fire up hope of lower prices for the next-gen consoles as everyone of them wants to sell as many as possible. High prices aren’t a good attractor then. Something, Nintendo knows for long time. The WiiU is promising lots of gaming fun for a reasonable price, stuffed, with the next-Gen technology. However 3D gaming is still reserved to the PS3. It’s a matter of time when all companies will start equipping their consoles with 3D technology to enjoy the games with a new way of depth perception. Titles like Wipeout HD and Tumble 3D for the PS3 just give you a small impression of what is possible. Impressive they are already!

As of today you’ll be able to witness the presentation of Microsoft’s next-gen console at 7:00pm MEST!

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