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The XBox One has been revealed!

Xbox-logoMicrosoft’s new console is now finally presented to the public.
The XBox One as it is officially called, combines Media Player,
Media Center, Game console and social media hub into one
tiny box. Due to so many infos, it is best to watch the video.

The video is about one hour and contains the complete presentation show for the XBox One including it’s new features.

The release date is vague descripted with “holidays 2013” – Whatever holidays they mean. No pricing tag is however known but expect prices around 600 to 800 US$ according to it’s equipment and actuality to Sony PS4. For sole gamers however the WiiU might be THE console of choice while Media fans, seeking for powerful media players (the PS3 still is considered the best bluray player in the field!) and Interaction possibilities and still being able to play high-quality-graphic games, may want to go with the PS3, PS4 or XBox One once they are available in stores.

XBox Social and GamingPlay your favourite game and have a Skype conference besides…

XBox TVGuide…or when tired of gaming, see what’s on TV – The EPG!

XBox ComponentsThe console has interesting innards… XBox One…which assebled, look monolithic, yet aesthetic!

The XBox One comes with a good list of tech specs. Here’s a comparision chart to the PS4:

PS4 XBox One
Processor 8core x64 processor AMD Jaguar 8core X86 processor (AMD?)
Graphic chip AMD Radeon 78xx series (?)
AMD Radeon 68xx series (?)
1.20 TFLOP/s
Memory 8GB DDR5 RAM
(dynamically scalable)
(5GB maximum for Games/Apps)
Storage Internal HDD (no capacity known) 500GB HDD
Optical drive Blu-Ray ROM Drive 4x Blu-Ray ROM Drive 4x
Wireless standards 802.11 a/b/g/n 802.11 a/b/g/n
Wired network Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Accessory connection Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
USB3.0 Superspeed
Separate WiFi antenna
USB3.0 Superspeed
Game distribution Blu-Ray discs, PSN Store Blu-Ray discs, Live Store
Online connection Optional
(PSN services, Cloud games, DRM)
Refresh cycles unknown
(DRM, Online services, Live network)
Refresh every 24h
Video connection HDMI 1080p, 4K, Analog video HDMI 1080p, 4K
Audio connection HDMI, Optical, Analog (2ch) HDMI, Optical
Motion recognition Kinect V2
250K pxel infrared depth sensor
FullHD video (24p)
PS3 Eye V2
1280×800 3D lens system
HDReady video (50/60p)

See the video presentation of the XBox One here:

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