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And the apple keeps falling…

While the gadgets from Apple still sell like fresh-made bread, it seems as if
the stock shares are being dropped like a hot potato. So has the share
value reached a new 2-year-low with “only” 389 US$ per share. Is this a
new trend of Apple? According to the plans to release another iPhone…

and another iPad, it isn’t much of fuel for the shares as the iPad 4 already has lots of features (except NFC) and the iPhone 5 wil receive an NFC upgrade.

But is this, besides a new 12MP camera, enough to move people buying a new iPad/iPhone? I don’t think so.

Call me old-fashioned, but the iPhone 5 didn’t appeal to me. The iPad 4 however is a real power machine when it comes to tablets. But an iPad 5 just for NFC(?) and a 12MP camera? No way, man!

So until Apple presents something, EVERYBODY urgently wants to have, the share value will still try to reach new lows, I think…

So what’s highly discussed for Apple to release? There is the iPhone mate, which should also fill the gap betwen iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Let’s say, it’s the Galaxy Note of Apple yet the display will size at 4.8 inches but also FullHD. manufacturer for the display: Most likely LG!

and still there’s the Apple TV, a TV set using the smart functions of an iDevice. But since there’s the little black box of Apple, Apple seems to have no need in releasing a TV set with the black box included. So I guess, this WWDC will also have no Apple TV…

And what else could come? A new Macbook Air? Some refreshed MacBook Pro? maybe the comeback of a 17-inch MacBook?

All the questions will have to wait for an answer until June 2013 when the new WWDC is opening gates for the developers.

Oh… one more thing™:

iOS 7 could probably celebrate it’s debute!

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