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Amazon – and you’re done™

One thing we like about Amazon is the uncomplex way of ordering things
on the internet and have them delivered home. No more walking around
in the rain no more waithing at the cash register and easy browse&search
on the homepage for specific items. But in Germany there’s grey clouds.

Amazon Leipzig seems to have problems understanding that the workers need more money to pay their monthly bills and all the living costs. However Amazon seem not to be willing to pay more salary. Fact is, that ver.di sees the salaries too low and Amazon sees their salary payments at the upper end of the logisitcs scale. So that’s two fronts colliding with each other!

So if you have ordered something on Amazon that is being processed at the logistics center in Leipzig, you will be facing loger delivery times as ver.di has called all workers to go on a strike until Amazon starts communicating with ver.di and renegotating the currently existing work condidtion agreement.

In this case one can say, that Amazon’s done right now!

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