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Apple’s problem with security

Th esecurity hole where you can bypass the security code by dialling an
emergency call number is boggling Apple big time. This video shows how to
test if your device is also affected by the security issue. Even with iOS 6.1.2
the security hole isn’t fixed and I could reproduce the steps on my 4/4S

However Apple has announced that 6.1.3 is definitely going to fix this breach and also the newest jailbreak. As this video impressively shows how easy one can get access onto your private data, such as contacts, phone calls, voice memos, my only advice till the release of iOS 6.1.3 is not to hand out your device to anybody you don’t trust!

And about the release date of iOS 6.1.3: When it’s done! (Duke Nukem players know this figure of speech!)

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