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Microsoft sued for 561 million euros

This ain’t good news for Microsoft. Brussels has sued Microsoft for violating
the Browser choice agreement. The main argument was that Mcrosoft has
not shown the Browser Choice windows to all users (which users they are,
is till unknown)! Although I am not a Microsoft Fanboy, this is ridiculous!

I as k myself what Brussels is going to reach with the ongoing lawsuit against Microsoft. Not only is the argument very vague (specific user groups did not see the Browser Choice – So which users were affected then?) as is the sum of 561 Million Euros simply overdrawn.

Most users select the browser of their choice theirselves? Or does Brussels think, all users are too stupid to inform theirselves about actual browsers and their performance?

Just few weeks ago, I have set up my machine from an OEM disk and guess what. First thing, that came upon Bootup, was the Browser Choice window, which I closed slightly annoyed as I wanted to set up my Windows properly at first.

Best thing would be if Microsoft revokes all licenses for european government and push them in the direction to use Linux. Although Linux is very stable, the administration can be very difficult if it deals with larger corporate networks, user management, client administration and automated software distribution. All these tasks are automatically and easily solved with a good Windows network whereas the Linux distributions mostly need the local assistance to roll out the necessary RPMs!

Don’t get me wrong, yes, Microsoft has LOTS of money, but so does Apple. Has Brussels ever sued Apple for them rolling out Safari with each installation of iTunes? Let alone there’s no browser choice window in MacOSX anyways. When you do a fresh setup of a Mac, the preinstalled browser is Safari, the preinstalled Player is Quicktime and that’s it?

So Microsoft isn’t allowed to do what Apple is doing for years now? Where’s the justice to treat everyone equal? Or are the judges in Brussels sponsored by Apple so that Apple can do what it wants while Microsoft is sued and blamed for EVERYTHING? Is it the fault of Microsoft that they started their OS in the early 80’s while Apple got on tracks in the late 90’s and Linux became home-user-friendly in the late 90’s? Microsoft started user-friendlyness in the early 80’s albeit harsh critics say that Microsoft never was userfriendly. But be honest: How many of you are working with Windows and are noticing that all-day tasks are easy to handle while you struggle around in Linux using YAST (or any equivalent configuration manager to do the rudimentary configuration) – it’s not the common user’s delight to haggle around with some configuration files or compiling the kernel from scratch to get a particular device running. Windows for instance comes with most things pre-set for you. Nothing else is Apple doing. You switch on your Mac and you start working without minding to configure the thingy for hours first.

So all in all this lawsuit is ridiculous to me and just a lame excuse to push the empty EU money account a little up.

So when you read this, recall yourself what browser you are running and how you have set it up. And if possible, try to recall what browser you used when you did the first steps with your rig. I guess, most of you will agree when I say “under Windows it was, of course, IE” and Mac users will mostly say “It was Safari, for sure”

And how many of you did install their browser of coice manually after some torough testing? I guess I won’t be surprised to se that most of you might answer that you used the first-step browser to surf to another browser’s company and download the browser of your choice and install it using your custom settings!

Oh and one more thing™: Do you now see how ridiculous the lawsuit against Microsoft is after my short but direct comparision?

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