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The Cebit Hannover

The CeBIT in Hannover opens it’s gates on March, 5th till March, 9th.
Being a trade fair for IT professionals and decision makers in companies,
this fair has many exhibitors. Also I am on the CeBIT with Pianoman to
watch the newest Goodies and Techs that are upcoming.

Expect some longer Postings here on Friday and saturday when we’re reporting about the tech stuff.

The CeBIT has now four different tech branches (platforms) which are categorized as follows:

The four platforms of CeBIT 2013

Professional ICT Solutions for Business Operations

Targeted at top-level decision-makers from industry, commerce and the skilled trades, as well as procurement specialists and self-employed professionals, CeBIT pro showcases innovative solutions for all business sectors.




ICT Solutions for the Public Sector

The CeBIT gov platform includes “Public Sector Parc” – a suite of displays in Hall 7 dedicated to the current challenges facing public administration. The eGovernment display area, for example, explores the role of advanced digital solutions in modernizing and optimizing administrative processes at all levels of government.




Research & Development for Innovative ICT

CeBIT lab is the direct interface between ideas and commercial application. It is the place where visions are transformed into prototypes. The world’s most important ICT research platform, CeBIT lab attracts senior policymakers, plus large numbers of highly qualified attendees.




ICT Solutions for Consumers

The impact of innovative ICT solutions and technologies on our private- and work life, are shown at CeBIT life. The changing ways the consumer gets in touch with ICT and the convergence of technologies and markets.




It will be for sure an interesting trade fair this year as the CeBIT as it is settled this year, is in a complete new concept. I am already excited to see what’s ahead of us!

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