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A BDay gone wrong…

Well… this BDay has not been of the ones, Justin Bieber wanted to celebrate.
Being in London, he forked out £10.000 for a glamourous party at the
prestige club “Cirque Du Soir”. But when the party was about to start, there
was the first touchdown. Some of his younger friends did not get in.

The problem: The bouncer at the club did not let all his friends in as they are below the minimum age of 18 to be at clubs where spirits are also issued. Wouldn’t bee too extreme but his (possibly) new girlfriend is also aged 17 and was thus not allowed to join the club. So all in all, the party went terribly wrong and £10.000 for a hosed party.

So while the party went wrong, Justin finally decided to go to McDonalds instead and grab some burgers for himself and his friends. Later on the twittered his disappointment: “Worst birthday”

What do we say? Well, Justin, being grown wile most of your friends are still youngsters/teenagers, you should know that the bouncer just follows governmental rules that prohibit teens below the age of 18 to enter night clubs. Proven fact. If these exceptions exist for Canada or America, well, then you should have the party over there. London however is a very strict city following orders.

On the other hand, this incident is no good commercial for the club either. Taking £10.000 for a party to carry out, having a celeb in there and then ruining the party. I guess, Justin’s going to avoid this location and/or London for a while. Especially when the March,1 tweet from him was a “Big night coming ahead. Not a big night but a big disappointment was coming ahead…

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