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100 years Grand Central Station

In New York, one of the biggest train station is now 100 years old and still
withstanding old and new age. With 67 tracks of which no far-distance trains are
leaving, it is for sure the biggest suburb-connecting train station. Opened on
February 2nd, 1913 at exactly 12:01AM it marked a new train traffic era.

In 2012, not less than 21 million tourists have visited Grand Central Station. That’s double as much as the Louvre in Paris. However the Louvre costs entry fee while Grand Central Station doesn’t.

The building, which is built in Beaux Arts style is impressive and the fact that the celestial painting is upside down, is based upon the artist’s argumentation that it should represent God’s Topdown view on the earth.




In 1967, there was a decision of tearing down the building as train services weren’t that popular. Fortinately the intervention of Jacqueline Kennedy and a large number of citizen from New York have avoided that the building could get victim of big bulldozers.

In 1990 finally, the complete station got a haulover for 600 million US$ and after 8 years of complex renovation, Grand Central Station is still in its glory as it was 100 years ago!

Oh… did you know that the nearby Waldorf Astoria has an own tunnel access to platform 61 just for it’s guests? Me neither but it’s interesting and stunning.

Happy birthday Grand Central Station – As you may withstand time for another century!

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