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Rumors about an iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5 was not the big hope Apple has seen it initally. Sales of the
next-Gen iPhone are rather mediocre. And this has already been reflected
by the Apple stock shares as they have lost about 20% of their highest value.
Apple has to do something to be back on tracks. Is the iPhone 5S the answer?

Can Apple finally win back customers by just implementing NFC and a fingerprint sensor into the Home button?

What about all these people who have bought the iPhone 5. Don’t get me wrong. I still like the stability of Apple’s OS but on the other hand I miss the innovation power that initially drove Apple to where they are now. But recent device updated scared many users away. The reason: small improvements over the precessor and the same high price.

Apple would do better not to fool around with it’s fans.

The iPhone 4(s) for instance was, that’s my personal opinion, the last bigger masterpice of Apple.

So was the iPad 2.

With the iPad 3 and the missing LTE support for Europe and the recently released iPad 4, one might think, that Apple gives a f**k about what the people expect.

So let us look what we’re speaking about.

Okay, for one thing, Apple still has the crown. The iPad 4 has still the highest display resolution built into a tablet. The processor is also very quick and outwits the Tegra 3 SoC.

However NVidia is already throwing in the Tegra 4 and it seems as if the Tegra 4 is going to trouble the ARM Cortex A15. Further, Samsung is also experimenting with an octocore processor from the Exynos series which also seems to have great potential. Maybe one of the reasons why Apple tries to fight Samsung with all possible legal methods available (mostly import prohibition of Samsung devices and patent lawsuits)?

Not only that other manufacturers have already shown where technology today is but also the devices they publish sems to give Apple Headache. While there are more and more phones with FullHD displays available (okay, on 5 inch that is!), Apple is still stuck with 4.3 inches and a lower-than-HDReady-resolution. So let’s see what the mobile device market hasfor us: Nokia threw in the Lumia 920, a 4.7 inch smartphone, with a quick Snapdragon 1.5GHz SoC. The display presents HDReady resolution and thus looks sharp… sharper than Apple’s iPhone 4/5. Rumors say that Samsung’s new Galaxy 4 will come with a FullHD 5 inch display. Bi is beautiful. and the immense pixel density of over 400 ppi really outwits human eyes to recognize the single pixels. Even on the iPhone 4 the Pixels are already hard to recognize. But as you know, the iPhone 4 is now out for about 2 years. So there’s no blame from me as technology 2 years ago simply did not allow a higher resolution.

But why did Apple then bring out the iPhone 5 just 3 months ago with the same pixel density while the other players have already higher-resolution displays in their smartphones? Why did Apple not include NFC in it. Apple says that it won’t be necessary. But hey, don’t think about what’s actually needed but better think about, what could be necessary in the near future! Credt card issuers already plan to implement NFC chips for micropayment using DriveBy technology. No PIN, simple passthrough and authentication methods. This would reduce waiting times at cash desks, ski lifts and other businesses which require small payments only.

There are numerous applications for NFC and while Apple still refuses to implement such functions, other manufacturers took the challenge to pack this into their devices already.

One cool thing which could have served the iPhone 5 well… induction charging. The Nokia 920 already has this feature. The iPhone 5 can’t use it as the back is aluminum and thus not suitable for induction charging. Why?

Sure, the iPhone 5 is slim, light, and still has some classy touch. However the iPhone 4 had a glass back and thus would have allowed induction charging.

Next thing in the list of things, Apple has done which is not optimum: Every other manufacturer has equipped their mobile devices with the MicroUSB plug for universal charging. Apple had it’s 30pin Dock connector, now the 9pin lightning connector which allows insertion in any of the two orientations (which is cool btw.) is built-in. The problem. Either you buy an adapter to plug your old 30Pin connector to it, or you have to rebuy all the stuff previously made for the 30pin Connector.

The microUSB-Connector is widely spread and thus would have been an option. The disadvantage is the same as of the 30pin connector: You need to watch the insertion direction.

To be honest:

When there would be an iPhone 5S and this device should become a success, then Apple should include these features at minimum:

  • NFC
  • FullHD display
  • Induction charging
  • a/b/g/n/ac Wireless network
  • LTE worldwide
  • bigger battery pack

The design of the iPhone 4 was functional and elegant aswell.

Sure: slim is crucial, light is sexy but when the run time for this has to suffer then there should be first concerns if it’s the right way to follow. The camera is good but there is also room for improvement. I prefer a good run time and features paired with well-designed shell to a slim, too-light unworthful touch. So that’s why the Nokia Lumia 920 is currently one of the gadgets I own and undergoing some tests. One thing, Nokia has not solved well: The synchronisation of contacts is a bit of a hassle involving Outlook and Live (as cloud service).

I’d prefer a nice sync option directly out of Outlook as it already provides good funktionality. And when synching the contacts, the Live cloud should check for duplicates.

The editing process of Contacts is still a bit of haggling as you have to edit every single contact. No Checkboxes to tick and do multiple deletion/editing actions for some convenience.

Well it’s time that Apple is waking up again and trying to attach to it’s former glorious times. Otherwise, the stock shares are dropping more and more. And a downcorreection is not good. But Apple has to listen more to it’s customers and not to it’s shareholders.

So was the turndown of the MacBook Pro 17 one of the worst decisions ever as I would have purchased a macBook Pro 17. (Yes, I like big powerful notebooks and I think, the ASUS G75VX is one such candidate when it comes to Upgrade time. and for leisure, I guess, the ASUS 15 inch Ultrabook is the other gadget as it also offers tremendous power for it’s size.

As always I ask myself: Apple, quo vadis?

Oh and one more thing™: At least a second device that follows style trends for those who are willing to give up functionality for style would be good in Apple’s portfolio!

Have a nice weekend y’all!

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