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Christmas time and wintertime?

So X-mas is around and the weather is freaking out. The actual temperatures
don’t allow any imagination of a white christmas. While there were 30 centi-
metres of snow laying just two weeks ago, all the snow has now gone and the
green blanket shows up again. Not quite that what I consider a white x-mas.

So while news are pushing the hype of a global warming, I ask myself, what is actually causing such extreme temperature gaps, ranging from minus 17 degrees to a whopping 12 degrees just two weeks later?

The one thing might be the fact that for the minus 17 degrees, polar air came down from north to midst of Europe, spending most countries a white blanket. Even in Spain, where snow is very rare.

So how will the following years be? Will white christmas become a legend and no longer be available in real?

Will christmas be on a green blanket as it was only rarely in the past when temperatures rarely reached the zero-degree border but mostly stayed below?

As far as I can remember, one of my utterly cold christmas experiences was in the early 80’s when temperature in Munich hit the minus 30 degrees border and freezing you down to ice.
50 centimetres of snow have underlined that winter is all around.

Being already white before christmas let a real christmas feeling come up when you sit at home, celebrating christmas with your beloved ones ans see the sow flakes dancing down the air…


As you might have already noticed, I am one of those people who really enjoy EVERY season. Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. They all have their charme!

While others could just stay in warm regions, having 30 degrees all year long, I’d be missing the different weather situations.

So when did you remember your last white christmas?

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