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And they keep faaaaaalling…

It seems as if Cupertino’s darling is in big crisis as the stock shares keep
falling in value. Noting at 538 US$ at the moment of this article being written,
there’s the question when the Apple share will stop sinking so rapidly. Just
today, China Mobile announced that it will enlist the Nokia Lumia 620.

What’s bad for Apple (the share fell again for 7 percent of it’s value, what equals to 35 billion US$!), comes good for Nokia, whose stock has risen for 6 percent just as China Mobile explained that they will include the Nokia Lumia 620 in their portfolio. And China as a big consumer for cell phones is a real bargain. Although Apple has already announced to sell the iPhone 5 in China also, they could not get hands on China Mobile as a big carrier partner.

So while many people have celebrated that Nokia is already dead and Apple was the Killer, they’re now proven else. It now seems as if Apple has to Do something better quickly. If you see what brought Apple up and what’s bringing it down again, there’s one simple question: Why waiting so long to include new killer features such as worldwide LTE support, NFC and a/b/g/n/ac WLAN capability.

While Apple once has set a real mark in smartphone design and technology with the original iPhone, it now seems as if they have slept too long and let things roll as they came.

Nowadays, Samsung is bringing out interesting smartphones such as the Galaxy series which are seen as THE iPhone-Killer! With the upcoming S4 (first details have already been speculated) Apple will have another competitor and the Nokia Lumia 920 is performing well against the iPhone 5 though it has installed WP8 instead of iOS.

So what’s up, Apple. Don’t replay the scene as Nokia did earlier when the iPhone came out and Nokia still insisted on a smartphone having keys.

It seems as if Nokia is now firing back at you after it has suffered enough!

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