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Voyager 1 to reach interstellar space!

Voyager 1 has been launched On September 5th, 1977 into space with the
mission to discover what’s behind the lines of the solar system as we know it
and as it could have been explored with the telescopes that time. 25 years
later Voyager 1 is now reaching the interstellar space.

Frontiers beyond the lines of outer space as we know it. Soon they’re crossed and the question is, what will come?

it took a quarter century for the Voyager 1 to travel 17 billion kilometres at an average speed of 17 000 kilomentres per hour.

  • In 1990 the Voyager 1 began it’s interstellar mission
  • On December 16th, 2004 the Voyager 1 entered the Termination Shock
  • Around 2005, Voyager 1 then entered the Heliosheath
  • It was expected for 2015 to enter the Heliopause, which defines the border between the heliosheath and the interstellar medium, however this event is about to arrive sooner now.
  • The complete project is supposed to end in 2025, which also defines the life expectancy of Voyager 1 (according to power loss of the radionucloid battery)

The Voyager 1 also has the “Voyager Golden Record” onboard which contains picture files of earh, some assorted sounds of Earth and 90 minutes of different music on it. The Record is sealed and saved against corrosion with a special cover affixed to Voyager 1 and also has an instruction on how to use it. (Although I doubt that extraterrestial life, if existing, will be able to determine on how to use it). besides that, there’s also a coordination system which defines the position of Earth in our solar system using 14 pulsars.

The Voyager Golden Record cover containing…

…the”Sounds of Earth” golden record.

So what lies beyond our imagination? Maybe in 2014 we will know more…

Some pictures made by Voyager 1

And a video documentary from NASA:

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