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Can a perfect headphone still be better?

In search for good headphones and probably with the option to make phone
calls with these, too, the market of headphones is really thin. Either you
have in-ears that often tend to fall out during listening or even the slightest
tuck on the cable or you have on-ears that lack of a microphone.

Koss thought, why not give our best product the final touch that makes it an Allrounder.

What came out in January 2012 was the Koss Porta Pro KTC – The I-can-also-act-as-iDevice-gear version of the already famous Koss Porta Pro which is produced since 1984 and still does not miss good reputation. In 2009 the 25-years-Anniversary-Edition was brought out which gave the Porta Pro a really worthy debute and a worthy appearance.

So with this upgrade, Koss gives you a very good headset at your hands. Being capable to enjoy your music with a fundamental bass and clear heights, the control element gives you the opportunity to control you player from your headphone. Includd with that there is a microphone which lets the headphones act as a complete headset. So no more searching for the cell phone and trying to talk to the microphone at the cell itself.

As my set is still in shipment, I’ll report more here later on. These are the product pics from the Koss homepage where this headset is listed for a MSRP of 79.99 US$





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