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And there they go go go…

Things could not be worse between Germany and Switzerland. The object of
desire: Money! Germany wants of it… lots of it and from Switzerland. As
Germany suspects Switzerland of holding lots of financial ressources from
german citizen who don’t declare their money to the Finance departement.

Nowadays, Germany is in need of money as the household cashier is very empty according to the newest financial acts towards Greece.

As there was an agreement between Switzerland and Germany where it initially says that all foreign money is automatically taxed between 26 and 41% of the holder’s value according to the amount while maintaining the bank secrecy (which prevents swiss banks to tell the account holder’s names), Germany demands full access to the account holder’s names and valuables and also demands atomatic data flow to the Finance departement. Furthermore they demand more than 41% of the valuables to be taxed afterwards.

Till now, Germany has bought several illegally assembled bank data CDs with lists of accounts and their holders. What looks illegal to every man as it is considered “fencing”, seems to be legit to the german government. They still speak for the unstopped acquisition of stolen data CDs should Switzerland not be willing to give in and accept the postulation of the german government.

So while the agreement has already been settled, Germany still wants to renegotiate the tax treaty between Switzerland and germany and advance it to their needs.

No wonder why Switzerland now says: Enough is enough! The treaty is set and your people are taking this down as they get fed with false facts from the single parties.

The friendship between Switzerland andGermany could not be more frosty now. But honestly. When you sign a contract, you don’t claim for renegotiations all the time over and over.

Although I hate fiscal evasion, the people have a right to save their money from the clutches that drag the money out of their pockets more and more.

And using injustice to fight injustice isn’t the right way to deal with problems like these! Germany would have been wise to accept the tax treaty as it has been made and things would have also been good for Germany as a assive financial injection would have been sent automatically to Germany.

So what seems to be of parlamental n ature only will finally come down to each individual. I can understand swiss people if they start hating Germans. But frankly said: It’s not all people who agree with the way, Germany handles rights and laws. Many of them have no choice as they have to obey what most of the people elect. A direct democracy such as the one in Switzerland is non-existent in Germany. That’s what many german people love about the swiss government which in many cases listens to what their people want!

The best thing for you as German citizen is to show some respect to Switzerland. It is yet smaller than Germany but still has excellent economic capabilities!

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