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Greece gets another financial injection.

And again there are 43 billion Euro for the rescue of Greece so that it doesn’t
have to leave the financial union. While Greece is happy about how the things
finally turned for them, most other countris and their people get upset more
an more. Why is so much money burnt in a country that wastes it so much?

Of course people get angry when they read such news and in the same breathtaking there’s another news about some money-saving plans which also include reductions of services and probably the increase of some taxes. people are no longer willing to take the pill as they work for their money and have to give away so much from the earnt stuff in order to finance Greece which wastes the money later by hardly sticking to the srict saving plans, the Eurozone has obeyed on them.

So what’s going to happen when this swirl of money-draining is ongoing. Will countries such as germany later also drown in debts as nowadays Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece do?

And while the people in Germany fear the most, Germany is again acting against Switzerland which now also takes seats at the front. Tomorrow there will be an important decision how Germany and Switzerland are dealing with the tax problem on funds that are stored illegaly in Switzerland.

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