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Apple unveils advertising budget

It seems that Apple does everything to have it’s products properly placed
on the markets. During the really immense pressure of the lawsuit between
Apple and Samsung, Apple has unveiled that it uses more then one billion
USD of advertising budget for iPhone & Co.

Maybe that’s the single recipe for success on the markets. While unveiling these figures, Shiller also stated again that Samsung’s agressive copy tactics of them and thus the release of the Samsung Galaxy tab and the Galaxy S has shocked him

In contrary, Samsung fires back and states that Apple has stolen integrated techniques like taking pictures and forwarding them via E-Mail.

But to be honest: I have been able to do likewise using my 6 years old Nokia Communicator? So where’s the “new” idea here?

While Samsung fears that it’s products ay receive a sale stop, Apple fears that their patent concept may not be as proof as always stated.

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