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And there it is: Facebook stock drops!

What sceptic stock analysts have expected has now happened: The
facebook stock shares have reached a new all-time low: 24 USD is not
what shareholders have wanted but stagnating member numbers and
an operative loss of USD 157M is not a good sign for high share value!

With these numbers, the facebook stock dropped to 24 USD per share and thus 14 USD below the origin issue price. Being the all-time low of the share, the question is: Quo vadis, Facebook?

The same question goes to Zynga which is also suffering from the decreasing number of transactions for virtual goods. It seems as if this era is nearing end as less and less people are willing to spend money on virtual goods. The hype seems over to raise virtual gardens and farms. The result: A plummeting stock value. Had Zynga a top value of about 15 USD per share in March, it has recently had it’s lowest share value: USD 3.08 per share isn’t a very bright future at all. Alone yesterday the paper lost over 30% of its value plummeting from 5 USD to 3 USD within minutes.

These are extremely grim news for shareholders having shares from these two initially big players on the new stock market.

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