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A new form of News distribution

Ever wondered about the QR-Tags that are visible to the left of my blog?
When you have someone around who wants to know what you’re reading
on my blog, let them have it instantly. No copy&Paste of the URL into
the other’s cell phone, no mail, no SMS. A QR scanner is all he/shee needs!

Since my blog is always changing and updating a bit, the possibilities of WordPress seem to be endless. And believe it or not: I like this blog so much right now as I am publishing articles of my thoughts and strafes thru the WWW in here every day. Intially the idea of a blog started, when a good colleague of mine has shown me WordPress and its suitabilitiy to raise Pages or blogs in no time and without all the hassle of HTML coding and all the S**t around. I am lazy, yes. My private homepage is still good but could be better. But in contrary to my blog, my private homepage is very static and that won’t change. However I’m going to update it as well.

back to topic where QR code comes in: The possibility to spread URLs with the fingertouch to the trigger of a camera is much more convenient than an eMail or SMS where you have to key in the URL. And which smartphone does not have an App for QR code scanning. Even simpler Nokia cell phones provide such capability. So I took the idea of using this new technique to spread URLs and blog news much more efficient. Hope you like this idea!

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