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Apple wins against Samsung… again!

And the fight never stops. Samsung has again no luck against Apple and the
Galaxy Nexus won’t be sold in the USA for now. Like the same fate, the
Samsung Galaxy tab has already faced, the same jdge who prohibited the
sale of the Galaxy tab, has bow spoken again and stopped the Nexus sales.

As for now, Apple only had to set a depot of 96.8 million US$ in case, Samsung would eventually win the patent war. But it’s doubtful.

With the Nexus, the judge said, Samsung has copied parts of Apple’s Siri voice control system. Interesting fact, but proven?

However this is more and more an economical war then based on real facts. And if this goes on longer and longer… well, maybe Asia will stop exporting the rare earth elements which are essential for electronic gadgets or favorize the local markets first prior to USA. If so, the iPhone and other devices may end up in being non-deliverable as the lack of rare earth elements also lead to lack of electronic parts which use them.

So Apple should stop fighting with Asia… the boomerang may come back as China is still country #1 that transports rare earth elements. And China can always reduce export of these at will!

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