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Tram with bent pantograph (again!)

The new trams of Bernmobil seem to be dogged by bad luck. Again the
pantograph of one tram seems to have ensnarled itself in the powerline
and thus has been bent down. The force acting on the pantograph must
have been enormous. The pictures will proove this very spectacularly!

This is the second time within a rather short period of time where a pantograph of the tram has been destroyed and thus causing delays on the line. In this case only the line 9 of the tram is affected. Last time, the tram was stopped at a neuralgic point of the whole network (read article here). The question for Bernmobil, operator of the trams is now: Why did the pantograph entangle in the powerline and how to avoid such network breakdowns in the future.

In Bern, you won’t be able to use Line 9 in both directions (as of 15:25). At least busses are still running.

(Update as of 16:00 – The power line has been restored, the defective tram is parked right at my view!)

Here are the pictures of the tram with the defective pantograph:

Doesn’t look that good. The force of the powerline must have been enormous.

The lower part of the pantograph barrel has been severely deformed.

This tram won’t go far anymore today with own power…

The pictures are all own copyright, the first picture has been sent to 20 Minuten online ( for mobile reporting purposes so special rights may apply to that picture, however

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