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A bad way to start the morning…

What do Karlsplatz (Stachus) in Munich and Zytglogge in Bern have in common?
They’re both famous places as they have well-known landmarks on them.
Good point, but they have also something else in common. It can’t be the size as
Karlsplatz (Stachus) is way bigger than Zytglogge… so what can it be?

Nothing, you say?


Both places tend to cause a severe traffic and commuter service jam if something is not running good!
Today in Bern a tramway seems to had a weak day and let down it’s pantograph. The following pics may show you what it looks like if a gordian knot in the traffic system ceases function… (Pictures are courtesy of 20 Minutes and it’s reader Andreas Schär – read article here: 20 Minuten online)

Bad day for the tramway (bent pantograph)


buses standing one by one to each other…


Trams one by one…


Tams and buses jammed… including many annoyed travellers!


Another view of the tram with the bent pantograph
(I still wonder how a simple electric line can bend a usually very stable pantograph…)


Lots of work to do… and with time pressure as more and more trams and buses get jammed…

This is the location where it all took place:


Thank god, I decided to get to work at 7a.m. today so I did not face the trouble…

20 Minuten

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