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CSS3, Firefox, Opera and IE

Again, it seems as I have discovered some lacks in Microsoft’s IE. The browser
seems not able to handle CSS3 up to version 9 properly. The result? A really odd
looking button and pagination buttons. This blog will show you what happens,
when browsers do not comply with actual HTML and CSS standards.

Let’s begin with my personal favourite, Mozilla Firefox, which I actually use in Version 12.

As you can see, the “Continue Reading” button shows as intended. Nicely styled with CSS3

And here’s the pagination. Fancy round buttons just as intended. the Current-Pagination style is a bit offset but that’s not the fault of CSS3 but rather the odd nesting of this wordpress them I am currently figuring out (hopefully!).

So now how’s our old buddy IE8 performing which is installed with Win7 so far?

As you can see, the button is squared, and the bumpyness of the font is missing, okay, doesn’t look THAT bad… however not as intended…

Yupp and same problem with the pagination. Okay… ain’t THAT bad either… at least IE8 is trying…

Now let’s see how IE9 is performing…

Now can you explain me this? IE 9 is indeed interpreting rounded corners however the transparent transition is still squared? Also the Bumpiness of the text is still missing. YIKES! They fixed only halfway of IE8’s lack of capabilities…

…and this disaster doesn’t look charming on your eyes either… DANG!

Now you may probably understand why I recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari prior to IE. Up to date, they all cope well with the actual CSS3 standards and show the CSS3-styled elements as intended.

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