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WiiU gets own online store!

It seems as if Nintendo plans an own Online store for the WiiU. This way, Nintendo follows
the steps of Microsoft and Sony. Talking about the XBox. The new XBox 720 should be more
powerful (30 times) as the XBox 360 and 6 times more powerful as the WiiU. However
the sale of used games will be prohibited so that your game is tied to your console.

This sort of “Copy protection” will probably not increase sale numbers of games in my opinion. People love the freedom to deal their stuff at anytime anywhere. Copy protection and prohibitions aren’t a good recipe for big sales. And posing with big technical numbers don’t do the deal alone. That’s why the Wii for it’s age is still a successful console. The Wii shopping channel was a good concept and will be brought to the WiiU aswell. However the intention will be to release complete games with lots of content over the web. So the WiiU better comes with lots of storage to download the games onto.

Let’s see what 2012 will bring to us. Sony won’t release a new console till mid 2013

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