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Holidays, black humor and Twitter

There are things that cannot correlate with each other. And in the internet your words can
always be read by people you’d better not wanna face. In this case a young couple from
UK has used twitter to fork out some black humor and celebrate their holidays by
“destroying” the USA and “exhuming” Madonna. Their holidays wne into a horror trip!

So what happened? When they have posted ther tweet they prepared for their holidays in the USA and took the plane to Los Angeles. But instead a warm welcome, they got into custody. While being put in handcuffs, they’ve been taken to an auditing bureau where they got a hearing from the local security forces. The hearing took several hours. The pair tried to ensure that they’re no terrorists at all. It was just a figure of speech where “destroy” means “having a great party time”. With the second phrase “digging out Marilyn Monroe”, the dug even deeper into trouble so that the local securities forked to their luggage searching for shovels. The only comment the pair heard several times was: “You’ve really fucked up with that tweet!”

After the first horrible hours, the pair was put in a prison bus and transported to a deportation prison for another 12 hours, separated and together with extremely dangerous mexican drug dealers. Later on, they’ve been sent back to the UK again.

It’s not the first time that Twitter causes trouble to innocent people. In 2010 a man got fined 1000 british pounds for his expression to “destroy” the airport as his flight was delayed.

Another Twitter user has come up with a good expression for this: “You have the right to remain silent – even on Twitter”

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