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New Wing de-icing technology discovered

Fraunhofer IWS institute has developed a new
technology to de-ice airplane wings with con-
ventional technology of heat and surface treat-
ment. A laser etches a distinctive pattern.

With the pattern it is possible to reduce the ice contact surface thus allowing the built iceplates to slide off by natural circumstances and the usage of heat where the ice is more stuck.

The goal is to achieve less usage of chemical liquids to dissolve the ice from the wings. Usually 400 to 600 litres of chemicals are needed to free the wings of a medium-size airplane. this technology has been tested together with Airbus who plan to use this technology on their new A350 plane series where applicable.

The new technology cannot be easily combined with the technology of heating and chemical application today as the wing surface structure could take damage from the chemicals.

This makes it necessary to build the structured wings from scratch and apply it to the plane later on.

The longterm goal is to achieve the reduction or even complete stop if chemical de-icing and use the technique above only.

The following video shows how the new technology is working:

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