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Tesla’s MCU wearing off too soon

Due to a construction flaw, the flash memory of the
MCU wears off too soon due to excessive writing
operations onto the flash memory. It’s like with SSDs
where memory cells may become defective by time.

But what’s the solution to prevent the flash memory to be damaged like this. Tesla offers to replace the MCU (Media Control Unit) completely which means a hefty price tag of 3000 US$ plus work time and an OOO (out–of-operation) time of one week for the car.

Another company, however, found a way which simply involves replacement of the flash memory. The cost is at about 850 € and the OOO (Out-Of-Order) is 72 hours maximum if an appointment has been made in advance.

But how can one determine if the flash memory of his Tesla MCU is about to die?

First indicators are:

  • Slow startup of external apps like Spotify/Netflix etc.
  • Voice control tends to fail
  • New updates and software modules are downloaded but not installed
  • Navigation system is sluggish.

A reboot is contraproductive in this case as the logging might affect even more flash cells and lead to a total system failure.

If the MCU is completely failing the charge current is reduced to 2A per AC phase and the battery is charged to 75 km maintenance operation which is in any case insufficient for any long distance travel.

In this case you might want to call on-site service to replace the defective flash module right at the spot where you are. In this case an additional 300 € service fe will add to the normal replacement fee. But still that’s way less expensive compared to a tow-away with driver transportation.

All in all it’s still a bit odd that Tesla has such sluggish reaction times upon an obvious failure which could have been prevented earlier if paid attention to properly.


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