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11-year old boy driving car

There are indeed very odd reasons why children
drive cars. This one however is pure stupidity.
The parents of an 11-year old boy were annoyed
that he played too much GTA on his playstation.

To get him off the console, they decided to let him drive a real car instead.

However the ride was of short duration only as the police of Lancashire got informed of the minor driving a car.

On a parking lot the ride was stopped and the youngster was brought back to his parents.

Besides the fact that the parents allowed their 11-year old boy to drive their car (whereas driving is for adults only) and the fact that the minor had no driver’s licence, there’s also the question why he is playing GTA 5 although this game is intended for adults of 18 and up only due to it’s mature language and amount of violence involved.

The parents will most likely have to answer for violation of their supervisory duties and additionally for accepting the risk of an accident in public traffic.

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