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SETI@home shutting down soon!

SETI@Home is well-known to a lot of users from
the past. This project from Berkeley Univversity
has been established to seek for extraterrestrial
existence in space wave recordings.

Since then about 5.4 million users and 1.83 registered computers have contributed over 1.84 billion results that have been analyzed.

After 20 years however the number of active users has decreased and also the project owners have collected enough data out of the project making it no longer necessary to gather for data.

However this does not mean the end of the client software as Berkely University has reserved the right to re-activate the client for another upcoming project if necessary.

BOINC was also part of the project and has other projects included as well, such as Folding@home which researches the folding of proteins being exposed to cancer or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

SETI@home will stop delivering work units to active clients at the end of March.

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