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Windows 10 and KB4532693 update

It seems as if Microsoft still has severe problems with
Quality Assurance when it comes to releases of updates.
The KB4532693 update released on February 11th, 2020,
seems to take data protection a tad too serious.

Don’t get us wrong. Windows 10 appears to be a solid OS however cloud-based profiles are prone to data loss once an update goes terribly wrong.

The question is, why do so many updates seem to break users’ profiles or even delete data?!

We are aware of the fact that cloud-based services, especially when free of charge, do not grant 100% data security. Neither do locally installed HDDs/SDDs as they may fail to function as well. But at least if there’s an update, you might have a backup to restore the data from. In your cloud-based profile you will most likely forget about backups as you think “Hey, I have stored my data online in order to access it from everywhere! Microsoft also has a reliable datacenter where my data is safe!”

This might be a legit thinking but can quickly lead to data loss once something goes wrong with the update.

When Microsoft was aware of the faulty update, it had been pulled on February 15th, giving users instructions on how to obtain their lost data (maybe!).

As for now it seems legit to ask “Hey Microsoft, what’s up with your QA department?”.

Why aren’t extensive QA tests being performed before an update gets released? It could help avoiding such PR disasters especially if something like that spreads through the official tech magazines making fun of Microsoft, their lack of quality and Windows 10 in general.

Even though the support for Windows 7 has ended on January 14th, it still seems that Windows 7 has it’s fans who give a f**k to switch to Windows 10 even if they could do so for free…

And even with the improved stability of Windows 10, there’s one thing that Windows 7 definitely can handle the better way: locally stored profiles which get mirrored in a restore point. If something really goes wrong, you roll back to the last known good restore point and you’re good to go. Without data loss, without any trouble…

If Windows 10 is supposed to retire Windows 7 completely they still have a lot of work to do. And by that we do not mean nasty nag screens to force users update to Windows 10 or cutting security supplies to Windows 7.

Yes, Windows 7 is over 10 years old yet it serves a lot of users well and it is way less prone to security flaws than expected. With a good portion of user awareness, Windows 7 is still good to run another 3 years or so. But the malware coders don’t sleep and will try to compromise Windows 7 to their advantage. And this is what Microsoft indirectly also hopes for… to push sales/installations in favor to Windows 10 as it will be the firs Windows version that can ne considered SaaS (Software as a Service).

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