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8K smartphone video published

High-quality video is always an issue especially with smart-
phones today. However the cameras get better and better.
With the availability of 8K displays also the demand for 8K
videos will increase.

Qualcomm has published a video that has been shot with a smartdevice using the newest Snapdragon 865 processor. The authenticity of the video being shot not on a professional 8K camera (Hasselblad et al) is being proven by some behind-the-scene pictures showing the Snapdragon-865-prototype-device mounted into a gimbal.

Watch the video in 8K on YouTube: click here

or watch the downscaled 3K version here (1440p)

If you think, your internet connection is unable to achieve the necessary speed for artifact-free video, trust us, it’s not your internet connection that is the limiting factor. We tested it on various speeds up to 10Gbit/s and finally found out that the video has been downcompressed to a mere 25Mbit/s which is definitely not sufficient for high-quality 8K video. We don’t know why Qualcomm didn’t use the maximum data rate the test device could provide.

Some facts: The original video is 334MB in size, the version we serve here in 1440p is about 170MB! Note that due to the compression artifacts (detail loss and block artifacts) the data rate even on the downscaled video is only about 11 Mbit/s which is not optimal for 3K video material. However you should see a sharp image wherever the original video was also quite sharp.

Due to the restrictions of the embedded Media Player of WordPress 3K is the maximum video size we can provide here. If you have a 4K or better monitor or even an 8K TV you will have to visit the Youtube link!

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