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Huawei quits cooperation with Google

This is what happens if you try to piss off a customer.
While the USA has started to ban Huawei products for
national security risk reasons (and the import tax war,
of course!), Huawei has devoloped it’s own ecosystem.

The result is now visible. While the ban is still active and Huawei products aren’t supplied with Google Play and other services, Huawei will start to deploy their own ecosystem of services, replacing Google services one by one at a time. Huawei has started with the Google Play Store and supplies their own App Gallery in order to provide customers with Apps for their smartphone.

This will, however, lead to a new challenge as Huawei will also have to set up a team which checks and approves app submissions to comply with device and user security. And we all know that especially apps from dubious sources break with these rules easily.

Many low-cost phones have spyware pre-installed and their “app stores” often only serve one purpose: To gain access to users’ private data. The fact that often also very old, outdated versions of Android is installed on these phones which also have another siren factor (namely looking like the flagship models of known brands!) makes them a security risk once more.

So for Huawei a long and gritty way will be ahead and in order not to fall back to the category of being a cheap malware-infested asia phone, Huawei will have to take a lot of money and invest it in building up a good, reliable SaaS infrastructure like Google does.

If they manage to do so then this might hurt Google a lot as Huawei has a significant sale quota which will mean waaay less $$$ for Google to earn once Huawei phones no longer use Google services and software anymore.

Huawei might become the Apple of Asia if one could say it that way.

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