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Oppo’s first smartwatch sighted!

When it comes to smartwatches, Apple is in the lead even
though there are a lot of Android-based smartwatches on
the market. In general, Apple has a domination with their
smartwatches with an estimated 120 million sold units so far!

It’s only natural that Apple has it’s copycats around especially brands from the asian market. Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi… just to name the three biggest of them all.

It seems as if Oppo is about to play with fire once again. Their yet nameless watch has obviously similarities to Apple’s Watch:

And below Apple’s Watch in it’s 5th generation:

Although the Oppo watch has no digital crown and of course does not run with a classic Watch face like the Apple Watch does, the case design, display style, yes even the wrist strap look almost identical to Apple’s Watch.

We hate to say this but Oppo is likely to face a patent lawsuit from Apple for almost being similar to the original. Unlike the Ulefone Watch which really copies the design of the Apple Watch series 0-3 but offers way, waaay less functions compared to the original, Apple could sue Oppo as Oppo is also operating on the european market while Ulefone products are rarely sold in Europe directly. Their products rather are sold via Alibaba, Wish and similar online stores.

And here the original Apple Watch Series 2 rosegold:

If it wasn’t for the missing digital crown and the obviously visible fake sensors of the Ulefone uWear, then you’d have difficulties telling them apart.

So whenever Oppo releases it’s nameless watch with their new phone lineup, the design might slightly change. But if they don’t do that, well then Oppo might get not-so-nice mail from Apple…

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