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Australia on fire

While on the northern hemisphere there’s winter,
the southern hemisphere is summertime. Australia
has been struck with the hottest temperatures for
the last 50 years. this has consequences…

Not only have 4 million hectars of forests burned away but also a lot of animals lost their lives in the fires.

And for the first week in January 2020, the situation seems to stay the same. In some parts of Australia, the temperature might hit the 45 degrees mark.

Update 07.01.2020 – Some photos of the affected areas that should make you think…

Our minds are with all the voluntary firefighters who save every animal possible from the fire hell. Especially the burnt cangaroo is heartbreaking. It should make clear what a drastic climatic change can cause and what is currently happening even in our hemisphere. Temperatures of 40 degrees and more have already been reached in Spain and Italy. And even the climatic mild Switzerland has been struck with forest fires in 2019 showing that the problem that is currently taking place in Australia is also a problem that can happen everywhere. Even in countries where you wouldn’t think of.

Time to reconsider every climatic footstep we leave today. Maybe one day in the week taking the train instead of the car could help a bit. and with 7 billion humans on the world each one of us could contribute. Oh and if you think, flying is a climate killer, then you should have a look on all those sea vessels with their heavy oil engines. They blast way, WAY more carbon dioxide into the air than a modern plane today. So if you plan to have a fun cruis on the sea, then better reconsider that idea and for example take the plane to a nice holiday destination and relax locally without the need to be moving on the sea on an overcrowded vessel.

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