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Christmas is done, New year coming

So while most of us already relax from the christmas
stress, some are still thinking of what to do with some
unwanted presents. Yes, also this year the amount of
presents gone wrong has raised. So what to do now?

If you have no idea at all, you might think of selling the unwanted stuff on eBay & Co. or you might give them to needy persons who might find those presents a pleasant surprise at all. But all in all think of the one you received the present from.

They thought of you and they might be hurt if they see their present given to you in somebody else’s hands.

So giving handcrafted stuff away is possibly no good idea and neither are personalized presents to be sold online. The internet never forgets and your present donors won’t either if they discover their present to you somewhere else.

if you’re unhappy with your present(s) then better speak with the person directly and thell him/her why you don’t agree with his or her taste. Honesty is crucial here!

So while we’re already discarding the christmas wrapping stuff, let’s wait for new year!

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