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MSE for Windows 7 will stay alive

The end of Windows 7 is near. On January 14, 2020
the official support for Windows 7 will end and end
users will no longer receive security updates for the
OS. MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) is not affected.

Microsoft has earlier stated that MSE won’t receive signature updates after January 14th, 2020 as well but now has announced that they will continue to supply signature files for MSE to provide basic protection for Windows 7.

Users still favoring Windows 7 won’t be cut off instantly this way.

Windows 7 has been released on October 22nd, 2009 and thus has been a reliable OS for over ten years now. Even we have some older PCs running with Windows 7 as it does not fail to work and fullfill it’s tasks reliably.

However modern PCs and modern hard-/software make it necessary to run Windows 10 now. Although Windows 10 seems stable as well, some patches have brought up issues which haven’t been spotted on updates with Windows 7 in it’s gravity.

This and the extreme telemetry Windows 10 does in the background, makes Windows 7 still a favourite for old-fashioned users as well as it’s not-so-flat design in the UI. The Aero interface still has it’s fans among other features (sidebar gadgets, etc.)

One of the bigger problems is the scaling of the UI on 4K monitors. Since Windows 7 does not know Vector scaling, UI elements are extremely small when used on a 4K monitor.

Anyway it’s slowly time to say goodbye, old, reliable friend!

Would you still run Windows 7, if it was capable running on modern hardware?

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  • I'd switch to Windows 10 if it wouldn't spy so much on you! (0%, 3 Votes)
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