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Cows, VR and productivity

Now we’ve seen a lot of things, some of them being
weird. But this is really awkward. In Russia there’s a
study active where it is determined if cows produce
more milk when having a VR headset on.

It is already known that classic music might increase productivity of cows as they feel less stressed thus producing more milk. This is used on many farms in Europe. In Russia they take the next step using modern technology. A VR headset shows a virtual pasture which shall set the impression of a stress-free and wide-ranging area. This “positive” effect shall rise the milk output of the cows tested.

First figures show that the output has increased but doesn’t clearly state how much in percent the output has increased compared to cow herds not wearing VR headsets.

Plus there’s the odd look of the headset strapped to a cow’s head as the anatomy of a cowhead is differing from a human’s head in general. We doubt that VR headset manufacturers have produced “adapted” headsets to fit a cow. and the picture above underlines our concern about that. We doubt that the cow feels very comfy at al as the overstressed strap will put heavy pressure on the cow’s head as well. And then there’s the question about the light falling in from the sides making the VR headset sort of useless as the images would only be optimally visible in dark environment. And how do cows feel to 60Hz refresh rate. We humans already notice flickering of the shutters. So how do cows feel/see the shutter and is that affecting them in a negative way?

Don’t get us wrong. We love the idea of using modern technology wherever possible but some things are just… weird!

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